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By 2024, either a) group isomorphism problem will be shown to be equivalent to the graph isomorphism problem or b) the group isomorphism will be shown to be in P.

Created by JoshuaZ on 2011-11-17; known in 21 days

  • JoshuaZ estimated 55% on 2011-11-17
  • JoshuaZ said “Context: . Here the group iso problem is not the general (undecidable problem) but the restricted version of given two fine multiplication tables, decide if the two groups are isomorphic. on 2011-11-17
  • JoshuaZ said “Note that a occurs trivially if graph isomorphism is shown to lie in P. on 2011-11-17
  • JoshuaZ said “Er, “fine” should be “finite” on 2011-11-17
  • estimated 0% on 2011-11-17
  • gwern estimated 50% and said “I have no idea but I know I have no ideaon 2011-11-17
  • JoshuaZ estimated 56% and said “Updating based on Laszlo Babai annoncement. If his algorithm checks out this goes up to 58. on 2015-11-04
  • pranomostro estimated 50% on 2018-12-19
  • JoshuaZ estimated 44% and said “Looking less likely now given progress rates. on 2018-12-19
  • Baeboo estimated 49% on 2018-12-20

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