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HP MoR: Dementors simply kill like anything else, death is death (cf. Death Note)

Created by gwern on 2012-04-05; known on 2016-01-01; judged right by Oscar_Cunningham on 2017-02-06.

  • gwern estimated 65% on 2012-04-05
  • gwern said “the additional horror of Dementors in this case being the mental suffering they inflict – the Kiss is just death following prolonged tortureon 2012-04-05
  • ahartell estimated 70% and said “incidentally, what does “cf.” mean?on 2012-04-09
  • gwern said “ahartell: 2012-04-09
  • lavalamp estimated 65% on 2012-04-10
  • Anubhav said “They’re supposed to be “the shadow that death casts upon this world”. That’s not the same as being death itself.on 2012-04-10
  • PlacidPlatypus estimated 98% and said “Kill in the sense of destroy the mind; the body is established to remain alive.on 2012-04-19
  • Oscar_Cunningham estimated 90% and said “Assume being sent to the afterlife counts. Dementors kill you as dead as grenades do."on 2012-04-20
  • qznc estimated 70% on 2014-07-14
  • gwern changed the deadline from “on 2015-01-01on 2015-01-01
  • gwern said “nothing indicates otherwise, so unless there are objections, marking this righton 2016-06-20
  • Oscar_Cunningham   judged this prediction right on 2017-02-06.

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